About Us

Our EasyTurn inspiration:

Back in 1992 my grandmother Agnes was bedridden following a series of strokes and required assistance with mobility in bed.  Although Agnes weighed less than 110 pounds, we had great difficulty turning her in bed.  We noticed that after a very brief period of time she was starting to develop redness in her skin and complained that her joints hurt from being stuck in one position for too long.  Each time we tried to turn her the friction and shearing forces on her skin created a secondary problem – bedsores.  Without proper mobility she was going to continue to suffer.

Luckily, we were able to reach out to a textile manufacturer in Miami Florida, and after extensive product development and field testing we successfully designed the EasyTurn sheet.  The EasyTurn changed our lives in many ways – my grandma Agnes no longer developed skin redness or bedsores, and she even began to move better on her own because the low friction surface gave her the ability to scoot over just enough to make her comfortable.  We were amazed!  The caretakers and our family members who were assigned to help Agnes loved the EasyTurn too because they experienced significantly less back strain when repositioning her.  The draw sheet that comes with every EasyTurn package makes lateral movement a breeze.  One of the nurses even noted that they could use this sheet for almost all of their patients.  Agnes used our EasyTurn every night for over 4 years until she passed away at the age of 90 in 1996.  We are proud to say that with the combination of great caretakers and our EasyTurn sheet she never developed a bedsore after 1992.

We knew we had a great product that could help many, many patients and caretakers so we went to work on designing an affordable and durable product that is easy to use.  Our product development team worked closely with caregivers from nursing homes and home health agencies and the results were amazing.

The EasyTurn sheet has been manufactured in the United States for over 10 years and we have sold tens of thousands of sheets worldwide.