• Place the EasyTurn Sheet on the bed with the smooth, glossy “Comfort Section” FACING UP in the CENTER of the bed
  • The glossy “Comfort Section” should be placed between the patient’s shoulder and mid-thigh (the entire trunk)
  • When properly placed in the bed, the EasyTurn Sheet “Friction Cloth” should measure at least 3” on each side of the “Comfort Section”
  • EasyTurn Sheet remains securely tucked in the bed
  • EasyTurn Draw Sheet should be placed on top of the EasyTurn Sheet glossy surface to assist the Caretaker in turning

VERY IMPORTANT:  When turning an immobile patient using a draw sheet, we recommend ensuring the bed is completely level prior to turning (if the patient is on an adjustable bed – lower the head and feet to the lowest setting).  The bed can be readjusted after the turning is complete.  When readjusting the bed after the patient has been turned, we recommend elevating the LEGS FIRST then raising the head to a comfortable position.  This will help reduce the tendency for a patient to move downward in bed.